Street Child Stories

The project

A filmmaker that wants to raise awareness on what hurts him most when traveling across the world: street children. UNICEF estimates that there are tens of millions of street children in the world. Some figures go as high as 100 million kids, and the numbers are growing as the population grows. The idea is to keep my project – “Street Child Stories” – going and at the same time raise money through perks that will directly benefit kids living on the street. CROWDFUND CAMPAIGN IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS!

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Zewdu is a street child that sells chewing gums and sleeps under a car in the city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. One day a foreign tourist gives him by mistake a larger amount of money then the one he was asking for, he decides to spend that money to go back to the village where his father lives, but a different destiny is abut to unveil.